Khristian Mizzi Bio

I was commissioned to write this bio for Khristian Mizzi in 2016, it appears as part of his about page. Check out his tunes!

Khristian Mizzi is a Melbourne artist known for his powerful original songs and consummate live performances. Mizzi’s songs explore humanity, social injustice, and hope. Even his songs exploring darker subject matter are imbued with an overwhelming gratitude for life and love, inspiring and enlivening audiences wherever he plays.

Growing up in rural Victoria, Khristian developed an early love for music and was performing regularly by the age of sixteen. He has spent the last 20 years honing his craft up and down the highways of Australia, connecting with audiences in small towns, rural outposts, and big cities, and becoming a mainstay of the live music scene in Melbourne.
During that time, Khristian has released three studios albums – The Road Between (2008), A Beautiful World (2009), and Midwinter Spring (2014) – and toured both in Australia and internationally. Mizzi has also had the honour of playing with some of Australia’s greatest performers, such as Russell Morris, Lloyd Speigel, Jojo Smith and Joe Camilerri, to name a few. Decades of experiences recording, playing live shows, and living as a global citizen and father have seen Mizzi grow into a seasoned artist who brings a quiet, vibrant calm to his live performances.

With a folk sound that resonates with the greats of the 1970s baroque and contemporary folk movements, Mizzi creates a connection with the past while offering a fresh new voice to the ‘words and chords’ tradition.

The recent release of the single ‘We Ain’t All Equal’ – a stirring cry for action in the face of political cruelty and social apathy – marks Khristian Mizzi’s first solo release since his acclaimed debut in 2008. It is the first single from his upcoming album, which is set for release late 2016.

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