The Novel: Update #3 – Research Topics

This morning was good, didn’t quite hit the word count I wanted but I’m pretty happy with what I wrote. I’ve already run into some of the more ‘hard science fiction’ elements of my story now – even though overall that’s not the type of sci-fi I’m writing – and was reminded how much research I still need to do. I’m not going to derail my writing mornings with research, but here are a few of the topics I’ll be digging into in my spare time (ha ha ha, spare time LOL):

  • CRISPR genome editing technology
  • Spartan and ancient Roman military techniques, theory, and formations
  • The likely results of climate change, particularly the predictions that see climate wars as the biggest risk factor
  • Philosophical theories dealing with the concepts of time travel and free will and determinism, and the ways they relate to and/or negate each other
  • The ancient underground cities in the Cappadocia region of Turkey

Luckily, learning new shit is not only fun for me it is quite literally on of my mental health coping mechanisms – right up there with meditation and medication! So this might make me happier as well as wiser…

Important but erroneous GIF

Feature image © Murat Kaya, published in National Geographic

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