The Novel: Update #4 – Scrivener

Well, I missed a couple of days. I won’t bother with my excuses, the important thing is that this morning I got up and did the work. This morning was my most sporadic, but also most fruitfully creative, session since starting with these early morning scrawls. I worked a bit on the novel’s opening, then got distracted by sub-plot ideas and worked on those for a while, which was really fun.

A while back in a blog called ‘Learn to Stop Failing in Advance‘ I wrote that “the more actual work done on a story, the more inspiration appears. Spend time in the world you’re creating and it will reveal itself to you.” Turns out I wasn’t just talking shit to sound like I knew stuff, it’s totally true! I’m ‘discovering’ new things about the world I’m creating at a much faster rate now, because my mind is there more often.

Why yes I am, sir

Anyway, I’m far from my 10 000 word mark so no new sneak peak. But, I do have a hot tip for other writers out there – don’t settle for basic word processors, and if you’re using a typewriter you better hope you’re a genius because, seriously, that’s silly. Get yourself a good writing program to free up your creativity.

When I used to attempt bigger projects I’d either have a ChaosEngine single document that included text, edits, re-drafts, notes, brainstorming, and so on ALL IN ONE PLACE. Or I’d have dozens of files open at once that I needed to keep track of and keep updated. My friend (and very talented author/blogger) Nicola Alter put me onto a program called Scrivener, and it’s the one for me. It allows you to break your book down into sections, chapters, and scenes, create separate character sketches, maps to visualise your world, a separate folder for research, and a whole bunch more – all in one file. You can have as many of those things open at once as you want, or you can close everything and focus on a single scene. It’s bloody great.

See! Look how pretty!

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5 thoughts on “The Novel: Update #4 – Scrivener

  1. I’m so glad you are loving Scrivener!! It’s one of those things I think you get hooked on once you try it. It was recommended to me multiple times by other writers, and I kept shrugging it off (hey, I’m a slow adopter) until I finally got fed up with the limitations of MS Word and checked it out. Never looked back 🙂

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    1. I got it months and months ago, but I’ve used it so little I’m still in the free trial period LOL! That won’t last much longer though, definitely gonna buy it when it runs out… feel much (well, a little) less overwhelmed tackling a big project now that I have the right tool for the job

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