The Novel: Update # 5 – Sleepiness and FutureTech

The problem with getting up at 5 am is needing to get to sleep before 10:30 pm. I’m naturally a bit of a night owl so it’s all too easy for that pattern to get messed up. This week it has, and Wednesday ended up being my only really solid writing day. Thursday I got up but was too tired to focus properly; Friday I simply slept until the last possible moment before I had to get up and take my daughter to school.

Just with less tongue

But Thursday morning did yield one cool thing. I was working on a scene where Audrey is working in a darkened room at night. I want to keep the room dark for atmosphere, so I need a way for her to get light. My first though was ‘iPhone light’, but that’s (a) awkward as hell to use in any real situation and (b) boring AF. Then I had this image of Audrey working with hands that glowed and the word ‘smarthands’ popped into my head. Now, I sure as hell won’t be naming the tech that (I probably won’t name it at all) but I am now going to give city-dwelling characters powerful computers with holographic displays that are like an augmented reality feature of their hands and forearms. So that’ll be fun!

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