The Novel: Update #11 – Going for Gold

It’s nice to have a mission and this weekend I really, really has myself one. A while back, local songwriter and generally amazing human Lynn Jacob sent me a list of writing competitions and grants to apply for. I added a few of them to my Habitica to-do lists with due dates and then forgot about them. Unfortunately, I then got my wires crossed on what they actually were.

I thought the Richell prize – with a deadline four days from now – was a short story contest for which I was all set with a finished story. But NO – the Richell prize is a possibly life changing opportunity for unpublished novelists, and it turns out I am one of those!

So, now I have Friday and the weekend to write a two page synopsis of the novel’s entire plot and polish up the first three chapters for submission. It’s achievable but, just like a marriage, it’s gonna be work dammit! There’s a little voice in my head saying “Why bother? It’s a lot of effort and they’ll never pick you”, but I am flipping that little voice the bird and forging ahead.


The prize is $10 000 and 12-months of mentoring with a publisher from Hachette Australia. So kind of a big deal.


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