The Novel: Update #12 – the Long Short

Today I found out my novel-in-progress Tabula has made it onto the long shortlist for the Richell Prize. That puts me a little closer to $10 000 and a year long mentorship with a publisher, but to be honest this already feels like such a win. My personal life has been *sounds of thunder, screaming and twisting metal, weeping masses… a demonic voice intones my name* lately, and this is like a vitamin boost to my motivation. I feel honoured. Like, I actually understand what that feeling is now, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, not much to say about it except that I’m very excited and deeply, happily surprised. This was basically my reaction to the news:


Here’s everyone on the list with links to what I could find of their work and online presence. If there’s nothing there it just means I couldn’t find anything, if you come across an online presence feel free to link me to it.

Hope you enjoy discovering these emerging writers as much as I have!

Michelle Barraclough, As I AmMichelle’s website and Facebook page

Meagan Bertram, Trapped – Meaghan has no writing online at the moment. She says she’s “a closet writer who has been outed by this competition.”

Lucinda Coleman, Windjana

Sam Coley, State Highway One

Miranda Debeljakovic, Waiting for the Suninterview and short story that I’m 90% sure are by the same writer. The story is really powerful!

Jacquie Garton-Smith, The Taste of Red Dustwebsite and Facebook page, plus a short story

Rose Hartley, The CaravanRose’s archive of short fiction, poetry, and an interview

Diana Jarman, The Philatelist’s Album – Diana’s talent has been recognised before!

Julie Keys, Triptych – another writer with some achievements under the belt; shortlisted for an Overland contest and snagged 3rd place in the Boroondara Literary Awards in 2013.

Kinch Kinski, Tabula

Carolyn Malkin, The Demon Drink – this one I’m not sure on, but I think it’s the same writer. Either way, this is an interesting article in The Conversation.

Fay Patterson, Tinker Tinker

Caitlin Porter, The Pearl Diver

Natasha Rai, Light in Dark Corners – Natasha has a Facebook page with some full stories posted.

Julie Scanlon, The Other Shade of Black – this one I’m a little unsure about as well, but again the article is interesting so why not share?

Stewart Sheargold, Wolf Whistle – Oh! This one is very cool. Assuming I have the right Mr Sheargold he is a Dr Who fanfic writer, which is aces. Collection of stories here.

Joshua Taylor, The Life and Times of a River – this might be Criker writer Josh Taylor, but I’m really not sure… Edit: not the same Josh Taylor, but left the link because hey, share the love.

Jacqueline Trott, The Song of River Country – Jacqueline actually just took out second place in the Dangerously Poetic poetry contest with One Hundred Eyes. Also a short story shortlisted, a first place poetry win, and a flash fiction finalist. Probably there is more, Trott is blowing up.

Bronte Winn, Edward – I couldn’t find anything, but considering their name consists of ‘famous author name’ plus ‘literally the word WIN’ I’m impressed and, frankly, intimidated.

Karen Wyld, Where the Fruit Falls – I found this website for Karen, containing the excellent opening lines “Who am I? Identity is so complex but if I was to put it into one sentence: I’m a broke-as middle-aged motorbike-riding marta-marta writer.” Wyld has also self-published a novel, When Rosa Came Home, that currently has a more-or-less five star rating on Amazon!

Congrats to y’all!

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5 thoughts on “The Novel: Update #12 – the Long Short

  1. What fabulous research, Kinch – I have only had a chance to locate a couple of the others yesterday and look forward to exploring the rest. Thank you!

    I already felt honoured, and the feeling is increasing seeing the calibre represented. You are right that it is a truly beautiful feeling, and fantastic motivation to push on!

    Good luck!

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