I’ve been neglecting these posts, but for the best possible reason: getting deeper and deeper into work on Tabula. I’m taking a ‘more is more’ approach to working on the first draft, exploring tangential ideas about characters, backstory, sub-plots, intrigues, settings, and philosophical ideas as they come to me and weaving them into my overall plan where possible. I feel like I’ve sunk into the belly of a story-hoarding beast. I can dimly see the mouth and I’m trying to climb out with ladders made from sentences. But often I find they only lead me deeper into the guts, which is actually fine by me.

For example the main antagonist has developed slowly from a kind of religious revivalist to a far more cynical (and eccentric) figure who uses religious and political rhetoric to gain sway over followers, but himself believes in nothing but the naked pursuit of power. He also sings a lot and keeps a large collection of animals who he loves deeply, even to the point of sin. He has also sprouted a brother whose history is intricately tied up with the history, politics, and corruption of the city where Audrey works.

Of course, when it comes time to edit and polish the book a lot of this stuff will be discarded, but I do have a vision of the book as a sprawling, decadent work. One that seems to really enjoy itself while spinning its tale.

Currently sitting on around 30 000 words and seven chapters written, when I hit 50 000 I’ll share the first chapter, hopefully before New Year’s as a little xmas present to y’all 😀

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