The NOVEL: UPDATE #15 – How My 8 Hours Writing Went

In my last post I committed myself to working on Tabula for a full eight hours on Boxing Day and I’m pleased to report I done got it done. Not the novel! Just the eight hours.

(slightly) less true now

It was exhilarating to treat creative writing like a full-time job, if only for one day, and it has borne a lot of juicy imagination fruits. Of course, there are the three chapters I completed that day. But the after-effects of spending a day with my characters and their world were an unexpected secondary reward. My brain seemed to be flooded with the subject matter so that for three days afterwards I was going to my laptop every hour or so to jot down new ideas or with a revelation about a character’s backstory or a solution to a troublesome plot point.

Unless a grant comes through I don’t imagine I’ll be doing 8 hour shifts on my novel too often. Buuuuut I did pick up full time work for the first time in five years and that bit of stability will make a huge difference! The plan is to get in eight hours of writing each work-week and make every other Sunday an eight hour shift (rewarded by dinner at my fave burger joint wheeeeeeee); if I can stick to that progress will move from slow and erratic to slow and steady. Supposedly that’s one way to win the race.

Is this the best burger I’ve ever eaten? Yes it is!

When I made my first post about Tabula more than a year ago I thought the first draft would be finished by now. But financial hardship. moving house three times, and a bunch of other drama scuppered those plans. But now, with stable work, a stable living situation, and a number of toxic motherfuckers cut right out of my life, I’m setting a new goal to finish the draft by NYE 2018. So once more, WISH ME GRIT!


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