Saving Money, Smashing Reading Goals

Being a writer and musician, I am poor. Scraping by on occasional factory work, freelance writing gigs, and welfare payments for years trained me to become a blackbeltbudgetmaster. I find it a little disgusting, but it is necessary. I started a full-time editing job in January of this year, but the pay is hells shit, so my budget mastery continues. I’ve even downloaded a rather cool app called Spending Tracker. It lets me visualise my spending in a little chart, so I can more easily find and plug money leaks.


Hint: booze is a leak


This budget-conscious mindset has started to spill over into other areas of my life in cool ways. For example, this Christmas was the first in a very long time that I was single. Usually, at Christmastime, I put aside a chunk of change (about $300) to buy my significant other something fancy. So this year, I just put that $300 into my savings account.

No wait, I bought myself a three-year magazine subscription, a new Criterion Blu-ray, and a bottle of slivovic, and renewed my Mubi subscription! It was and is excellent.

Some of the prizes from cashing in my singledom

So, that was a budgeting fail (although totally a win for singledom and self-indulgence), but I have had a budgeting win when it comes to time. To make my Mubi subscription worthwhile, I’ve been watching a movie every single night – so long as I check off my dailies in Habitica. What that means is that I have roughly an hour and a half ‘budgeted’ for a movie each night.

Since that time is already set aside, I’ve decided to alternate between a movie and reading each night. I set a timer for 90 minutes, start reading, and don’t stop ‘til it goes off. It’s fantastic! Sometimes I combine it with a bath and scented candles. Seriously, the best.

I dunno about you, but since childhood, my reading-for-pleasure sessions have rarely lasted more than 15-20 minutes. But if I am so fat with time that I can watch a movie each night, I can also devote time to hitting my reading goals!

Current read is a gift from my sister, called Incognegro, it’s many interesting!



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