Kinch Kinski is a writer and musician based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been writing with varying levels of skill and confidence since he was just a wee thing. Also, he befriends strange cats on the street. Kinch has spent the last few years writing for music magazines like Unpaved and Melbourne Guru, doing a little journalism, crafting some stories, and overthinking things. Lately, the focus is on fiction. There’s a novel or two in the works, and short stories coming soon.

Dive in for fiction, journalism, philosophical musings, and even the odd snippet of poetry.

Kinch also writes songs with Melbourne band Burnt Letters

Full disclosure: I have an agenda. So do you. Here are some highlights: I am deeply anti-capitalist (with many political beliefs that would have marked me as an ‘anarchist sympathiser’ in some Cold War logbook), I am queer, I am a rabid feminist, and a total idealist (in both the technical and colloquial senses of the word). So, I have values of which I am not ashamed, and I acknowledge they influence my work. If ever I make an error of fact or reasoning due to these biases, please correct me with my thanks. If my values make you want to ignore my work, then I wish you only the very best; go with compassion.