Reblog: The Soldier and the Vampire – A Russian Folktale

Vampire lore in Russia (like seemingly everything in Russia) is intense, twisted, and utterly fascinating!

The Sanguine Woods

halloween-cocktail-vampire-kiss-dry-ice-recipe“Vampire Cocktail” (Pinterest).

How long would it take for you to be trapped in the freezing cold earth before you went insane and would do anything to escape?

In the lore of ancient Russia, the souls of all people–not just vampires–are trapped in their graves, going mad with the weight of the earth on them and the cold of the winter. There is a Russian Folk Funeral Song which laments that “Dark and joyless is our prison-house…” When folklorists would ask about this, or where the souls of the dead lived people would answer: “Stone and earth lie heavy on our hearts, our eyes are fast closed, our hands and feet are frozen by the cold.” 

Before We Get to Our Vampire Tale…Here is Some Russian Vampire Lore…

“Especially during the winters do the dead suffer; when the spring returns the peasants say, “Our fathers enjoy repose,” and in Little-Russia…

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