The Novel: Update #10 – 10 000 Words!

In his darkest hours he'd always found comfort in the thought that the world itself might just be a particularly vivid dream in the mind of some ageless sleeper. But, as he heard footsteps approaching outside the hut, the thought seemed dry and impotent against this wet morning that lay quiet before him, in wait for his blood.

The Novel: Update #7 – Self-Doubt & Impostor Syndrome

Well, it's been my first official slump since starting work on the novel – possible title: 'Tabula', as in 'tabula rasa' or, just as relevantly, 'Tabula Futura Imperfecta'. Christmas disrupted things a bit, but I got in some good work leading up to NYE and new year's day. Then, as the pressure of the everyday … Continue reading The Novel: Update #7 – Self-Doubt & Impostor Syndrome